PRE-ORDER THE BOOK “One Fly-The Art of Nymph Fishing” with Rim Chung


The book project has been put on hold.  However, the book is in final editing and will be published shortly.  We will post again here a notification of when the book is available, likely in 2021.

Thank you!


9 Replies to “PRE-ORDER THE BOOK “One Fly-The Art of Nymph Fishing” with Rim Chung”

  1. I’ve been hoping Rim would publish a book or DVD of his fishing methods. I am very excited to see that a book is coming out. Great news. Great website to by the way.

      1. Love the site. Very informative. I’ve learned a lot already. Thank you for the update on the book release.

      1. Hi,

        I see that the last information on your website about your book release was in January, 2013? I can’t find it listed anywhere.(in April, 2020)

        What is happening? When is the planned release?

        Best regards,

        John T.

      2. Sorry, the book project went on the back burner for sometime now, but we have it out for editing at the moment and hope to have it published next year. We will make an announcement here when that comes to fruition, but thank you for your interest! Tight lines.

  2. I really hope the book gets published. I will certainly buy a copy. Plus, I believe it will be a valuable addition to our fly fishing knowledge base!

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